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How to Get Started

Site FAQ

How do I start writing Stories?

First, sign up and log in to your account. 


Next, go to the Community Stories page and click "Create a Post".  (*If the "Create a Post" button is not available, please see the section below.)

I have already created an account. Why can't I start writing Stories?

Patience, young Padawan! You would be approved as a Stories Writer within 24 hours after signing up for an account. You would receive an email notification when your account has been approved.

How do I view all Stories that I have ever written?

First, log in to your account.

Next, click the Log In bar on the top right hand corner, then click "Profile".  Stories written by you are under the "Bottles Reviewed" section.

Can I write Stories on my mobile phone?

Yes! Photograph your drams with your mobile phone and start writing your Stories on mobile anywhere you go!

Can I share my Profile or Stories on to Facebook, Whatsapp or other platforms?

Yes, you can! Just copy the link to your Story (eg. or link to your Profile (e.g.


Paste the link on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram or WeChat, and share your whisky adventures with the world at large!

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