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Writing whisky tasting notes

A big of part of enjoying whisky is writing down our tasting notes and personal thoughts.

Yet when we looked around, there unfortunately aren’t many dedicated sites for us to keep a personal journal of our whisky adventures.

Here’s what we’ve tried:

  1. Handwritten notes (we keep losing them!)

  2. Storing them on our phone/ posting on social media (it gets mingled with EVERYTHING else on it)

  3. Starting our own blog (which is so hard to upkeep).

  4. Some whisky sites which are overly obsessed with numeric scores for specific bottles which just encourages flipping.

So we created our own online journal - Stories at 88 Bamboo! Stories is free for all whisky lovers (no if’s, and’s or but’s). Here, you get to track your own whisky adventure, but you can also share it with others in the community and also read reviews written by each other!

You can also personalise your own profile so you feel completely at home.


We initially created Stories to fix our own pain but what’s the fun in only using this for ourselves?  

Sounds good? Sign up and check Stories out! Click here to get you started

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