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Speyside, Benriach 10 Years Old Original, Curiositas & 12 Years Old Sherry Wood

(Image Source: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)

#Speyside @benriach, a long overdue session which supposed to taste in June, revisit ...

Benriach 10 Year Old, ABV 43%

Nose: Fresh Floral with some scented perfume, by nosing stronger there's ginger type of spiciness

Taste: taste isn't as exciting as nose , a bit of mono sweetness with some spiciness lingering

Finish: short with bourbon wood pulsing , some lemon skin type of bitterness

Score 82, WB81935

Benriach 10 Year Old - Curiositas, Bourbon, Virgin Oak, Rum Cask, ABV 46%

Nose: Looks like I've just walked into a clinic, cleaned after a while, I didn't get the smoky on this

Taste: sweet, peaty, slightly astringent

Finish: very short

Score - 81, WB221

Benriach 12 Year Old - Sherry Wood, PX & Oloroso & Sherry Cask, ABV 46%

Nose: Sherry, oak like wood , malty, raisin

Taste: woody , peppery, sweet honey

Finish: short with some lingering sweetness

Score - 83 , WB118664

Penned by Chris Yeo (Instagram: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)


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