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Littlemill, 8 Year Old, 40% Abv

#Lowland@littlemillmalt - ABV 40% , Old 1980s Bottling

Started back in 1772, this distillery was closed in 1994 due to financial issues. Loch Lomond has since taken over and may still have casks.

In 1997, the distillery was dismantled. Unfortunately, the remains were destroyed by a fire in 2004.

Nose - Fresh and floral , slightly malty. I didn't get the notes of mango that others noticed until much later on. Even then, it was a very mild flavor.

Taste - Malty, oily, chewy, very mild spice

Finish - Short, slight bitterness, slight notes of cut grass


Sample by @malt_haus

Penned by Chris Yeo (Instagram: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)


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