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Fuji Single Grain Whiskey: Kirin's first US whisky export REVIEW

One of the world's first English language video reviews of Fuji Single Grain Whiskey from Kirin!

Kirin released Fuji Single Grain Whiskey in Japan on 21 April 2020. On 20 August 2020, they began sales in the US - the first Kirin whisky to be exported there. What do US tippplers have to look forward to? We put Fuji through stringent Kanpai Planet taste test standards. Should you buy it? Watch to find out!

As per the usual, expect lots of historic tidbits and other edutainment in true Kanpai Planet fashion. It's a whisky review like no other!

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Welcome to Kanpai Planet, bringing you the world of Japanese drinks direct from the heart of Tokyo.


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