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1988 Enmore, 30 Years Old, 47.9% ABV, Guyana, Silver Seal

This 30-year-old 1988 demerara rum from the Enmore distillery was quite an interesting one. Bottled in 2018 from a single cask 17, Silver Seal released this only as a magnum, resulting in 80 bottles at an abv of 47.9%. I believe it to have been distilled from the Versailles still, and of the REV marque, judging by its colour and taste profile.

(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

There’s quite a bit going on with this rum, the nose rich with caramel and flambeed bananas, red and purple fruits in the mix, and a slight hint of leather. The palate is just as complex, rounded on the edges, with overtones of milk chocolate, raisins, and then a bit of savoury liquorice in the middle, leather, some funk, finishing with sweet red fruits, fresh, and that cane-like sweetness that resembles an old agricole. A very pleasant dram to enjoy!

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