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Suntory Ao vs Nikka Session | World Whisky Day Review Special!

How does Suntory Ao, Suntory's flagship World Whisky, stack up against Nikka Session, Nikka's response? We put them head to head in this World Whisky Day special on Kanpai Planet!

In April 2019, Suntory released their first explicitly labelled world whisky, 'Ao'. Suntory reckon Ao is the first ever blend of whiskies from the five major countries from distilleries all owned by one firm.

18 months on, on 29 September 2020, Nikka released Session, a blend of malt whiskies from Yoichi, Miyagikyo, and Asahi-owned Ben Nevis, which they purchased in 1989... and some other stuff.

Who wins in this World Whisky head-to-head? Watch to find out!

As per the usual, expect lots of historic tidbits and other edutainment in true Kanpai Planet fashion. It's a whisky review like no other!

Welcome to Kanpai Planet, bringing you the world of Japanese drinks direct from the heart of Tokyo.


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