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Littlemill, 8 Years Old Original, Voyage dans l'Amérique Meridionale, Spirit & Cask, Finest Col.

(Image Source: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)

(Image Source: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)

#Lowland @littlemillmalt flight

1️⃣Littlemill 8 Year Old - ABV 40%

Nose: flowery for me light apple sourish in a good way

Taste: light some bitterness , taste is a bit bland for me

Finish: very short

Score : 81, WB3185

2️⃣Littlemill by Archives, Voyage dans l'Amérique Méridionale - 26 Year Old, Cask #32, Distilled 20 Dec 1990, Bottled 4 April 2017, Hogshead Cask, ABV 53.8%, 267 Bottles

Nose: initially to be flower kind of bloom right to your face, then green apple, abit of oaky

Taste: very slight peppery, then there's quite some complexity running around i can't tell, but there's some green apple followed by bitterness

Finish: medium finish , bitterness lingers. after drinking a sip of water wow its just like drinking sugar water

Score : 86, WB94546

5️⃣Littlemill by Whiskymax - Spirit & Cask Range - 27 Year Old, Cask #100, Distilled 17 Jan 1985, Bottled 2012, ABV 53.5%, 240 Bottles

Nose: flowery like, then an uppercut kind of blow, deeper dark fruit like type of smell, tagging along some green apple

Taste: sweet first, then tingling pepper, stronger fruit like taste, there's another note within the fruit which i felt strongly but couldnt pin point, ended with very light bourbon

Finish: medium finish , lighter bitterness , nicer finish

Score : 87, WB36949

4️⃣Littlemill by Hart Brothers, Finest Collection - Cask Strength, 26 Year Old 1988 - ABV 52.5%, Bottled Nov 1988, Sherry Butt Cask, ABV 52.5%

Nose: Sherry all over, very soft elegant kind of sherry nice to nose

Taste: strong sherry like , sweetness , sherry like again

Finish: medium finish sherry feeling lingers lightly

Score : 86, WB64958

Sample 1 and 4 by @malt_haus

Sample 2 and 3 by @whisky.hedonist

Penned by Chris Yeo (Instagram: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)


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