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Hibiki Blossom Harmony 2021 REVIEW

One of the world's first reviews of Hibiki Blossom Harmony 2021.

Suntory released the limited-edition Hibiki Blossom Harmony 2021 on 25 May 2021, in time for the Ochugen gift-giving season. Does it deserve the hype? We put it through stringent Kanpai Planet taste test standards, and then put it head-to-head with Hibiki Japanese Harmony - the standard No-Age statement Hibiki. How is it, and which Hibiki wins? Watch to find out!

As per the usual, expect lots of historic tidbits and other edutainment in true Kanpai Planet fashion. It's a whisky review like no other!

Welcome to Kanpai Planet, bringing you the world of Japanese drinks direct from the heart of Tokyo.



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