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Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte 10 Years Old, 50% ABV, Bottled 2019 & Laphroaig 10 Years Old, 43%

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Traveling to #Islay for #NationalScotchDay, Tasting 2 Peaty Malt

(Image Source: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)

@bruichladdich , #PortCharlotte - 10 Year Old , ABV 50%, Bottled 2019

Nose: Lightly elegant smoke peat, some barley

Taste: Malty sweetness

Finish: lingering sweetness, felt slightly metallic, medium finish

(Image Source: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)

@laphroaig - 10 Year Old , 43%

Nose: Sweet kind peat , feels damp, some honey, hay, a bit maritime

Taste: Peaty, sweetness, some smoke

Finish: Short to medium lingering sweetness and some peat combined, delicate smoke after a while

Sample from @61monarchy

Penned by Chris Yeo (Instagram: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)



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