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Ben Nevis, Whisky Live Paris 2019, 8 Years Old, ABV 57.1%

Advent - Day 7

@bennevisdist for @whiskyliveparis 2019 - @maisonduwhisky Exclusive by @signatoryusa , 8 Year Old, First Fill Bourbon Barrel #161, Distilled 4 March 2011, Bottled 21 August 2019, ABV 57.1%, 275 bottles

(Image Source: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)

Nose: initial perfume like, then quickly it became fruity with a slight tinge of maltiness behind

With water - ABV seems stronger, fruitiness

Palate: pepperish, fruity, some floral perfume taste, and the familiar hoppy beer notes. Slight bitterness towards the end

With water - pepper is lighter, prickly effect on the palate, sweetness prevails more with variety of fruits, with water this is also a nice dram, hoppy wasn't as prominent

Finish: medium finish with a slight bitter lingering, slight warmness at the back of the throat

Score : 88, with water 89, WB140125

Sample from @malt_haus

Penned by Chris Yeo (Instagram: @ChrisYeo.Whisky)



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